Do you have a high standard

you can't change with anything?

Princess Pearl Necklace

22SS High Standard Collection

Princess Pearl Necklace is consist of the freshwater pearl and sollymoon logo pendant set to 14 yellow gold. It's a princess necklace of 40–42 cm that looks a little longer, creating a stylish and casual atmosphere than a typical pearl necklace. 

High Standard Earrings

22SS High Standard Collection

High standard Earrings made of 4 diamonds and 14k yellow gold. The round cut of cavitation-style earrings give off a three-dimensional effect and stick to your ears in a cute size, giving you a classic feel. Neat and luxurious High Standard Earrings make your dignity stand out.

Hexagon Bracelet & Ring

22SS High Standard Collection

The Hexagon, which symbolizes high ideals and high efficiency, is the motif of the 22ss collection (High Standard). The meaning of this hexagon is a key element of SOLLYMOON.

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